Born in the UK, singer Kate Lamont had trouble embracing her Indiana roots until later in her career. But the heartland inevitably laid the groundwork for her songwriting and love of collaboration. She recorded 7 collaborative works as well as 2 solo albums during her tenure in the midwest and spent a decade working in and building the Indianapolis arts and music community. Arriving in the Bay Area in 2012 with a folk foundation and a larger than life spirit of soul, Lamont’s sound was pushed even further. Kate released a self-titled contemporary R&B record in 2013, and completed an unreleased collection of work in 2017, What Happens Next is Everything, and continues to release its’ singles, including On Again, Everything, and 2 Forever One 4 Me, featuring Kev Choice on keys.

Collaboration remains a key focus in Kate’s career, leading her to join forces with world-renowned artists Michael Henderson, Kahil El Zabar, and Corey Wilkes, as well as fresh, pioneering Bay Area producers Ian McKee, NOBL, DJ Flow, and Mani Draper. Kate landed a TEDx Talk in winter, 2018, and built a combination speaker-singer presentation on the creative power of collaboration.

Kate’s writing style and work ethic are influenced by mentors like Sade, Prince, and Joni Mitchell: artists whose ability to bleed pure emotion set them apart as much as their sky-high technical skills. Lamont’s vision of music as a unifying force continues to fuel songs about truth, empowerment, spirituality, and vulnerability, with lyrics connecting the dots from personal experiences to the great social issues of our time.