What Can I Do For you?

Communicating through music is my passion. Let’s see where that intersects with yours:

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Think TEDTalk style: this unique singer-speaker combination presentation is a fresh perspective for an all-hands meeting, conference keynote or breakout session. This presentation focused on the creative power of collaboration, but the topic possibilities are limitless. What are you trying to communicate to your organization or team? I can help you deliver the message in a unique and memorable way.

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vocal LESSONS & Session Singing

Internet based vocal lessons have become a great way for those who have always wanted to sing but may be intimated by going to an academy or in person coaching lesson. With very little investment, we can get started working together on improving your existing skills, or starting from scratch, learning the fundamentals. I focus heavily on core strength and its’ relationship with breath and pitch control.

Session singing is my dream job ;) 20 years of experience working in world-class studios with Grammy nominated engineers has shaped my session style. Whether you’re looking for a lead, background vocalist, hook, or vocal sample, I live for the challenge of making that vision come to life.

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Songwriting & PRoduction

Cowriting with other professional artists for 20 years, I’ve seen the creative power of collaboration at work relentlessly. In addition to writing piano-based music, I can help you create lyrics, add hooks, build song arrangements, and learn mixing and production technique.