If we are wise..

Bill Withers was from the midwest, too.. He didn't decide to pursue a career in music until he was 30 years old, and at 36 he was traveling with James Brown to Zaire to perform in advance of the the infamous "rumble in the jungle" Ali/Foreman fight. So he arrived on the scene, basically, at 36. I love his story. Don't listen to anyone who tells you there is a shelf life on musicians. Did you hear Prince and David Bowie's last albums?? Yeah we get wrinkles. We get tired sometimes. But we absolutely do not have an expiration date when it comes to the relevance and validity of music. Power to the wise "old" people everywhere killin it. You inspire me to no end. Here's my a cappella rendition of Bill's "Lean on Me". May it inspire you to call up an "old" friend and tell them you care.