Celebrating the release of 2 Forever, One 4 Me

Kate Lamont, Kev Choice, and Safiyah perform at The Back Room in Berkeley, CA on February 17th, 2019.

Celebrating the release of Kate's single "2 Forever, One 4 Me", featuring Kev Choice on keys, a free download of the new song is included with admission.

Doors at 7 pm. Music starts at 7:30 pm. ALL AGES

Advanced tickets [purchased here] are $15.00. Limited run only. Tickets are $20.00 at the door.

TEDxIndianapolisWomen SOLD OUT performance

On November 29th, 2018, Kate will perform at the inaugural TEDxIndianapolisWomen event. Broadcast globally and livestream from the TEDWomen event in Palm Springs, California put on by the TED organization - join the mailing list below for exclusives and instructions on how to watch!

What is a "listening room" you ask..

I’ve assumed too many time that people know what I mean when I say things that most musicians might not have heard before. For instance, a “listening room” is a venue - usually not a bar/club - that is soley focused on the aural experience of the audience. Often there is no talking AT ALL during the performer’s set, and the songs are literally the center of attention. It’s a must for music lovers to get to see their favorite artists this way. I’m excited to announce my next gig will be in a listening room in San Jose, CA called Art Boutiki. I’ll be doing my own set AND supporting the headliner as a guest vocalist. Come hear the listening room difference for yourself :) GET TICKETS HERE

Do you remember last October?

In October 2017, we [in America] were reeling from deadly hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico, the continuing civil war on immigrants, mass shootings in Las Vegas, and here in California, the worst wildfires in 100 years, wiping out entire neighborhoods in Santa Rosa and covering over half the state in smoke and ash. In the Bay Area, we were awakened in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke, and the fear that our own homes were on fire, even though the fire raged as much as 75 miles away. Community groups, churches, and civil services began assembling support and folks did what they could to send help. For weeks, the fires continued and the gloom of the smoky skies seeped into our houses and tried to break our spirits. I had been working on the final song of a body of work that was near completion, but I just couldn't make this last song come together. One day, on the way home from work, I looked at the skies and thought maybe this was what it was like to live in a war zone, devoid of hope. On the radio, NPR was reporting on a family in Santa Rosa who had lost everything but were still focused on the love they had for their family and community. I thought "that's it. That's everything." I sat down at the piano, rearranged the song and rewrote the verses. It was in fact what pulled me out of the darkness of that time, and I wanted to share that with the people of Santa Rosa. Click the [source] below to read the article in the Santa Rosa Press.

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On telling your story

To be honest with you I was terrified to tell my story.  With all of the traumatic events happening all over the world, what’s the significance of my journey as an artist and mother trying to find a balance between being creative and being practical?

But that’s just it - that’s exactly the reason why I should tell my story.

We have a tendency to think that we are the only one going through the failures and the anxiety – we end up cropping out the bumps and the bruises and those feelings of isolation.

So even though it can be terrifying to be vulnerable, I know I have to do it. Because more than ever somebody else needs to hear that what they’re experiencing is not happening in isolation. Our stories are more similar now than ever. 

SATURDAY APRIL 7 + Spring Tour Dates

SF // 4.7.18 Lighthouse 1337 Sutter St TICKETS
Performing a solo set Saturday, April 7th, in a listening-room style venue in San Francisco supporting Jack Tempchin, a celebrated songwriter who wrote hits like ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ for the Eagles. His current tour celebrates the 45th anniversary of that song, and I’ll be arranging some of my favorite songs from that time period as well as playing unplugged versions of my new songs. You can get tickets online here.

040718 flyer.jpg


IND // 4.12.18
Indiana Roof Ballroom 140 West Washington St TICKETS
IND // 4.14.18
Square Cat Vinyl [Listening Party] 1054 Virginia Ave INFO
TOR // 5.11.18
Remix Lounge [Canadian Music Week] INFO

OAK // 06.01.18

Vamp Art and Music 331 19th St, Oakland, CA

Live in Monterey 7. 15. 17

The Venue 1242 Siddall Court Seaside, CA (yes, the venue is called "The Venue") 7:30 pm $18 in advance/ $20 at the door. Click for tickets. It's a potluck, too! Bring something to share if you can.

If we are wise..

Bill Withers was from the midwest, too.. He didn't decide to pursue a career in music until he was 30 years old, and at 36 he was traveling with James Brown to Zaire to perform in advance of the the infamous "rumble in the jungle" Ali/Foreman fight. So he arrived on the scene, basically, at 36. I love his story. Don't listen to anyone who tells you there is a shelf life on musicians. Did you hear Prince and David Bowie's last albums?? Yeah we get wrinkles. We get tired sometimes. But we absolutely do not have an expiration date when it comes to the relevance and validity of music. Power to the wise "old" people everywhere killin it. You inspire me to no end. Here's my a cappella rendition of Bill's "Lean on Me". May it inspire you to call up an "old" friend and tell them you care.

I didn't think this day would come soon enough.

I love raising my son. It's better than anything else I do. Today he left for a Midwest summer, and the part of me that isn't craving being with him in thunderstorms, fireflies and bare arms after dark, is happy to have a moment to my(damn)self so I can do stuff like post this new video of footage from the New Parish show. Thanks @negusworld for editing.   

Summer Shows! Ticket info coming soon

July 9 @  

Three Ravens SF440 Haight Street San Francisco, CA